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2023 Umran Grad Student Workshop Series

About the Workshop  

The Umran Academic Research Association’s online Writing Workshops bring together graduate students from various disciplines to present their research and receive guidance from peers and professors, forming a strong early-stage scholarly network to investigate and address common intellectual concerns. This workshop is intended specifically for graduate students in the humanities and social sciences who are invested in supporting cross-cultural understanding. 


Goal of the Workshop:  

This is a comprehensive workshop that will enable participants to produce academic papers and have publication ideas by the end of the workshop. This workshop series provides the opportunity to receive feedback from a supportive and interdisciplinary network of peers and mentors. The workshop aims to help students advance their scholarship through exchanging ideas and mutually encouraging one another. Unlike a conference, workshop papers are intended to be low-pressure and still in-progress. That means that we hope to build a judgement-free writing community where participants feel comfortable sharing ideas and showing their unfinished (but clean and comprehensible) work. In addition to receiving feedback on one’s own scholarship, participants will also develop their scholarly skills by providing constructive feedback for others on all elements of writing.  


Mentor for the Workshop  

The Umran Academic Research Association (UARA) arranges professors to provide guidance for workshop participants. Professors will offer comprehensive feedback on drafted papers, including content and methodology suggestions and alternative potential resources. The UARA matches professors based on participants’ projects. 


Who can participate in the workshop 

We welcome applications from masters and doctoral students at any stage in their graduate programs who would benefit from the opportunity to present and receive feedback on their work. We encourage submissions of working papers, including course papers or thesis/dissertation chapters that applicants intend to publish. Applications are encouraged for projects in the arts, humanities, and social sciences including cross-cultural and comparative analyses and cosmopolitanism. Students in the following disciplines are especially encouraged to apply: History, Literature, Social Science Comparative Studies, History of Religions, Civilization Studies, Anthropology, South Asian Studies, South-East Studies, Central Asian Studies, Islamic Studies, Middle-East Studies.  


Structure of the Workshop  

The workshop will last three months and will be held biweekly, depending on the number of submissions. At least one week before each session, papers will be pre-circulated for attendees to read. Attendees will be expected to come ready to share their constructive comments on the drafts, drawing out strengths and potential areas for improvement. One discussant will be selected each session to provide approximately 10 minutes of structured remarks, before opening for the remaining participants to share their comments. Comments on each paper will last 30-45 minutes. 



Workshops will help students develop their papers and potentially prepare their articles for publication. These workshops aim to build a supportive global intellectual community among an interdisciplinary group of early-stage academic scholars.  

The workshop may culminate in an international symposium in the Summer of 2023, slated for September.  


Duration of the workshop 

March 4, 2023, to May 27, 2023 (total 7days workshop series)  









4th, 19th  


1st, 15th, 29th 


13th & 27th   


The deadline for application submissions is February 15, 2023. We will notify successful applicants by February 28, 2023. 

Any inquiries should be sent to uara@umran.org.in.




Requirements for the workshop

*A comprehensive abstract of approximately 350-450 words or a preliminary draft, if ready  *Bibliography (List of sources) 
*An academic CV is encouraged 



5 PM Istanbul Time (7:30 PM India Time & 9 AM USA Time) 


Participation certificate  

Participants will be given a participation certificate. 



Zoom (Online)


Click here for the Workshop details 


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