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Rajeev Kumar

He is a research scholar and teaching fellow at Istanbul’s Ibn Haldun University, Istanbul, Turkey. He is also the managing editor for U-Talk Magazine. He earned his bachelor’s degree in German language and literature from Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi, India, and a master’s degree in civilization studies from Ibn Haldun University. He worked as a project manager for Integra Software Service in Pondicherry, which outsources publication work for Springer, Westermann, and other publication companies in India. His area of interest is Indic-Islamic philosophy, South Asian history and literature, Bhakti-Sufi literature, English and German literature, and barzakh and Islamic epistemologies. 

Insha Qayoom Shah
Co-Director/Vice President

Insha Qayoom Shah is a Research Scholar in the Department of English at the University of Kashmir (India). She serves as the Co-director for the Umran Academic Research Association and as the copy editor for U-Talk Magazine. Her areas of study include feminism, mythology, revisionary writing, trauma studies, and war narratives. She has publications in UGC-CARE Listed journals and has presented papers at various national and international conferences. Additionally, her poems have been published in anthologies and journals.