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Call for Submissions: Celebrating Diversity in U-Talk Magazine

Call for Articles/Essays/ Creative Writings/Gender Issue writings/Personal Experiences/Diary/Poetry/Photos/ Paintings/Caricatures for U-Talk Magazine (Bi-annual)

“U-Talk” is a biannual publication by UGS Language School and Umran Academic Research Association (UARA) aimed at providing a platform for its diverse student community and outside contributors to showcase their creativity, share their experiences, and promote cultural exchange. The magazine will feature articles, short stories, poetry, artwork, photography, and other creative works submitted by students of the language school and rural students who benefit from the NGO’s educational programs, as well as other contributors.

U-Talk Magazine aims to

  • encourage and showcase creativity among UGS Language School and NGO students as well as outside contributors.
  • promote cultural exchange and understanding among the UGS community.
  • raise awareness about the NGO’s educational programs and impact on rural students.
  • provide opportunities for UGS students and outside contributors to develop writing, photography, and design skills.

Theme of the next issue 

In the upcoming issue of U-Talk magazine, we celebrate the power and creativity of women in the arts. From visual arts to literature, music, dance, and theater, we showcase the talents and achievements of women who have challenged conventions, broken barriers, and enriched our cultural heritage. Join us as we explore the diversity and richness of women’s artistic expressions from around the world.


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