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Diaspora Studies

Diaspora studies is an academic field established in the late 20th century to study dispersed ethnic populations, which are often termed diaspora peoples. The usage of the term diaspora carries the connotation of forced resettlement, due to expulsion, coercion, slavery, racism, or war, especially nationalist conflicts.

Greetings to all literature enthusiasts, students, and professors!

Are you passionate about literature and eager to delve into the captivating realm of Diaspora Studies? The Umran Academic Research Association is thrilled to announce the launch of our Literature Club, a vibrant space for all book lovers to come together, read, and engage in stimulating discussions.

Why Join?

  • Explore diverse perspectives in Diaspora Studies literature.
  • Connect with like-minded students and professors.
  • Foster a culture of reading and intellectual exchange.

How to join:

If you’re excited about this literary journey, express your interest by applying through this link: https://forms.gle/drdAJw4Quc5ZTDkM6

All students and professors are welcome!

How do we start?

Once we gather a passionate group, we’ll organize a kickoff meeting to:

  • Discuss and plan the reading list.
  • Establish a reading schedule, day, and time.
  • Set the duration and format for our literary explorations.

Application until: January 15

Certificate: Yes, after completion, one gets a certificate either as participants or mentors.


Let the literary adventure begin!


For inquiries or to express your interest, contact:

Dr. Fathima M: +91 93543 62272
Swasti Bisai: +91 96092 20519

Web: www.uara.in



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