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Protect and Promote Human Rights: Event organized by Umran in Noida, Delhi NCR

Umran Green Perspective Foundation organized an event to distribute warm clothing and interact with people living in Noida’s jhuggi (or slum). People were given warm clothing, which had been thoroughly sanitized and individually checked by our volunteers before distribution. Women were given sanitary napkins and personal hygiene kits, and children were given snacks such as biscuits.

Our volunteers interacted with people in order to develop an interpersonal relationship and gain a thorough understanding of the difficulties they face on a daily basis. Some of the major issues were a lack of electricity, proper sanitation, and an education facility. The majority of the residents are Bihar migrant laborers. Their problems are not heard by government bodies, and they are unfamiliar with their own human rights. We, as a UGP community, are assisting them in learning about and understanding their own rights. As Indian citizens, they have the same rights as any other Indian citizen living in any part of the country.

Most of the women/teenage girls were unaware of the uses and benefits of sanitary napkins, and they were uncomfortable taking or discussing them in public, but our volunteers calmly explained the procedure to them, as well as the health benefits of using sanitary napkins. 

It was once said that there are three necessities in life: food, clothing, and shelter. However, as technology has advanced, education and health have also become one of life’s fundamentals. Poverty prevents many students from obtaining an education and health awareness. Parents who are unable to feed their children cannot imagine providing them with an education. It is common in India, particularly in underdeveloped states like Bihar, to send young children to work in the belief that more hands equals more money. As a society, we are failing those children by robbing them of their childhood and depriving them of a quality of life that should not be a gift from someone but their own human right.

We cannot sit back and wait for some magical wand to change the world overnight; the world will be a better place only if those who can make an effort come forward and contribute to the construction of a place where everyone is equal and not divided by any self-made measures.

The government operates a school, but it lacks sufficient resources. The government provides free education, but there is a lack of awareness among these children’s parents, who do not understand the value of education. With our initiative UMRAN, we are taking one step closer to freeing those children’s chained childhoods and liberating those oppressed lives who are considered untouchables in society. We are taking one step closer to removing all of the stigmas that have harmed people’s quality of life, which should have been a basic human right. We are attempting to create an environment of equality and quality by constructing a school where no one is divided on the basis of caste, gender, economy, or religion.

People were very optimistic after interacting with our volunteers about improving their current living conditions. Noida is part of NCR and is not far from New Delhi, India’s capital. If the people who live there are facing problems like proper sanitation, electricity, and education at this time, one can only imagine what a few segments of society are facing across the country.

We, as a community, are doing our best to contribute to the development of a society in which no one’s fundamental rights are violated. These people, like everyone else, have the right to live and enjoy a high standard of living. There should be no fundamental divisions in our society.

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” –  Nelson Mandela

While these giveaways are necessary at this time, they will only provide a temporary solution. To create a long-term solution, our UGP community has begun the process of constructing a school in Bihar to provide a quality education to children who are unable to meet their basic education requirements due to poverty, ignorance, and other societal divisions. As a result, we are taking steps to break down all social barriers and raise awareness among them.

On behalf of the UGP community, we thank our volunteers (Sachin Kumar, Shanaz Khan, Heeral Kavlani, Sibgatullah Shakil, Ashna Khan, Shoen Ahmad, and Amit Kumar) for their efforts in bringing our dream of a society without division one step closer to reality. Let their eyes shine with the hope of education and the joy of a toy. Let us become a bridge connecting divisions.

Purpose of education is to moralize and socialize people – Dr. B.R Ambedkar.

By- Shivani Shivam, Volunteer, ( MBBS Student)

Reports by: Shoeb Ahmad, Shahnaz Khan, Sibgatullah Shakil

Sanitary kits was sponsored by Health Plus Inde and warm cloths were sponsored by @webultrasolution

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