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UGS Teaching Internship and Fellowship

What is the UGS Teaching Fellowship, and why?

The mission of Umran Green School (UGS) was launched with an unpaid internship, assistantship, and teaching fellowship program that would eventually be paying to needy educators in the near future. The UGS Teaching and Internship Fellowship will aid in creating a large and robust network of educators. Men, women, and students from rich and impoverished backgrounds from both rural and urban areas would also benefit from it. 

More than 50 qualified educators from different nations have voluntarily joined the Umran mission and have been teaching more than 10 languages over the past two and a half years.

With this fellowship, UGS hopes to produce excellent teachers who will promote peace and civilization on a global scale (which is the motto of Umran “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, or the whole world is a family”). UGS has made an important decision to use an educational program to advance world peace and prosperity.

Other benefits

  • Teachers & staff who are inexperienced will receive training and at the end of the program.
  • They will receive a certificate. 
  • They have a chance to work with UGS for a long time
  • They have an opportunity to be promoted and work in a management position.
  • UGS is working on paid fellowship, and thus each member will be financially supported in the near future.
  • They have an international and friendly environment to work, grow, contribute to, or lead society to the next level.
  • They also learn entrepreneurship skills.
  • UGS is a platform to discover self both at the spiritual level and professional level.

Languages Required:
Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, English, Korean, Sanskrit, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Urdu

Fellowship duration
6 Months or 25 weeks (one semester). 

Class days
Weekends (Saturday and Sunday)

Time: Maximum 3 hours/week

Meeting: Once a month 

Culture Program:
Teachers must join a monthly culture program which is conducted by all teachers and students

Type of Work: UGS Teaching Fellowship (Unpaid)

Certificate: We provide certificates of appreciation to teachers upon fellowship completion.

Application Deadline– September 25, 2022 


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