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Umran Academic Research Association ( उमरान एकेडेमिक रिसर्च एसोसिएशन)

Umran Academic Research Association (UARA), an acadmc project of Umran Green Perspective Foundation ( उमरान ग्रीन परिप्रेक्टिव फाउंडेशन), is a dynamic and forward-thinking association that champions the study of pluralism and cross-cultural communication among early-stage scholars. Using the innovative barzakh logic, UARA brings together global academic institutions to organize exciting and insightful seminars and publish groundbreaking interdisciplinary research in the humanities and social sciences. With its thematic networks, UARA encourages scholars to reimagine the concept of identity and cultivate an integrated understanding of the environment, history, literature, and philosophy. This fosters a creative and constructive dialogue that promotes peace and prosperity. For scholars looking to explore fresh perspectives on global issues, UARA is the perfect platform to unleash their intellectual curiosity and creativity.

Barzakh is a Persian word that appears in Surah Rahaman in the Quran and refers to a space or interval between two entities, such as the barrier and bridge between the world of the living and the dead. 

The Barzakh logic provides one productive template for thinking about pluralism in the contemporary age. According to Lawrence, barzakh logic allows for the creation of new forms of knowledge and understanding that emerge from the intersection of different cultural and intellectual traditions. This logic allows individuals to move beyond traditional boundaries and to explore new ways of thinking and being. The Islamicate cosmopolitan spirit, therefore, is not just about the coexistence of different cultures and religions but about the creation of new possibilities and opportunities through the merging and blending of different traditions. UARA seeks to advance scholarship by working with Barzakh logic and other conceptualizations of diversity that will help foster peace and prosperity across the globe. (Read more)

UARA is a dynamic academic initiative of the Umran Green Perspective Foundation, a forward-thinking Section 8 company established in India under the 2013 Act. We are inspired by the green perspective of Umran and the Cosmopolitan Spirit, as championed by the renowned Professor Bruce B. Lawrence.