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Umran Green Perspective Foundation Empowering Education in Bihar

Umran Green Perspective Foundation has organized an important program in Sherghati, Bihar, to support and encourage the talent of students. The foundation conducted a “Global Voice: International Speech Competition,” providing a platform to enhance students’ communication skills. As part of this event, students from the Global English Institute received a week-long training by qualified and expert volunteers of Umran, who are from the United Kingdom, Turkey, United States, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti University.

Following the “Global Voice: International Speech Competition,” a grand ceremony was held on Sunday, where individuals making significant contributions to the social sector were recognized. Journalists were also honored for their important work. The online presence of dedicated volunteers such as Jamil Ahmad, Nahid Aslam, Payal Priya, and the founders of Umran Green Perspective Foundation Rajeev Kumar, was observed during the ceremony. They praised the efforts of Wasim Khan, the founder of the Global English Communication Center, and expressed their heartfelt wishes for the bright future of the young minds in Sherghati.

Prominent guests at this event included Dr. Vidya Jyoti, an expert in women’s health and maternal care, Ranjeeta Agrawal, former president of the Inner Wheel Club, Shohrab Alam Ansari, a German language expert, Shahid Iqbal, director of Career Embark, Imran Ali, Pradeep Bhardwaj, Avinash Singh, Shams Tabrez Alam, and many other distinguished personalities. These esteemed guests honored and praised the students for their exceptional performances. Alongside the guests, parents of the students were also present, eagerly enjoying the prestigious event and celebrating their children’s achievements.

On this historic occasion, students who participated in the speech competition, including Arshad Khan, Saziya Anjum, Shahin Parveen, Jakiya Khalida, Supriya Kumari, Anjali Gupta, Sanjana Kumari, Gulshaba Parveen, Nuri Nazra, Eram Naz, Naiyyab Sarwar, Najifa Parveen, Murshid Malik, Dilshad Ahmed, Sonam Praveen, Naziya Parveen, and many others, were honored and praised for their exceptional performances, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all present.

Umran Green Perspective Foundation, through its unwavering commitment, is undertaking a significant endeavor to inspire, train, and support students at the global level and especially in Bihar. Umran’s efforts are crucial in preparing students to become sensitive, active, and empowered citizens, and their program supports the talent of children in Bihar .



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