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Umran organizes Art exhibition and workshop in Kashmir

June 2, 2023 Srinagar

Report: Insha Qayoom Shah 

The Umran Green Perspective Foundation organizes an art exhibition and workshop titled “Art Exhibition in Kashmir”,  in the old city of Srinagar. The exhibition showcased a diverse collection of artworks created by a talented artist from the valley, Abdul Qayoom Shah (65). The curator aimed to explore myriad themes, including religion, secularism, nature, humans, and animals, through the lens of contemporary art. His interpretations of the multiple themes varied, resulting in a diverse range of artworks, styles, and techniques. The chosen venue provided an ideal setting for the exhibition, offering ample space and lighting to showcase the artworks effectively. The artworks were thoughtfully arranged throughout the exhibition space, allowing visitors to engage with each piece individually.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the chief Guest, Mr. Fayaz Ahmad Shah, senior manager at Jammu and Kashmir Bank. The event was also graced by the presence of noteworthy academicians like Nousheen Shan, Associate Professor English, Fenerbahçe Üniversitesi, Turkey; Izhar ul Haq Wani, Assistant Professor Kashmiri, HED, J&K government; Sana Altaf, Senior Research Scholar, Department of English, UOK; Raashid Altaf Tak, Research Scholar, IIIT Delhi; Waqas Khan, founder of Elif Learning Academy; Mohsin Shah, Masters student, NIT Srinagar; Moniza Shah, Master’s student Psychology, UOK; and Atiya Rehman, an Educator. Besides academicians, some known artists from the valley, including Azaan Shah ( photographer), Tahoor Ajaz( Calligrapher), Waseem Nabi ( Journalist and Photographer), Shajar Lateef (Artist), Zainab- ul – Nabi (Artist), and Daniyah- un – Nabi were among the visitors to the said exhibition.

Besides the art exhibition, a workshop was organised for children from the age group of 3 years to 13 years in order to develop an interest in painting among them. From among the children, seven-year-old Sheikh Ayan, a student at Ingenious School, was awarded as the best child artist. In the valedictory session, certificates were distributed among all participants by the honourable guests on behalf of the Umran Green Perspective Foundation. In his Valedictory remarks, Rajeev Kumar, Director, Umran Green Perspective, said, “One can find hope in Abdul Qayoom Shah’s paintings. His work is an amalgamation of peace and prosperity, which ultimately leads to divine unity. The paintings stand as a fine example of the spirit of Umran. In his colourful depiction of the complexities of being, one can sense the continuous strife of existence, but simultaneously, he depicts a world full of possibilities and meaning. His art works stand as a perfect objective correlative of the basic ideals that our organisation stands for.”

The painting exhibition received a positive response from the public, attracting a significant number of visitors throughout its duration. The attendees appreciated the quality and diversity of the artworks on display, as well as the thought-provoking nature of the theme. The exhibition successfully fostered a dialogue among visitors, artists, and art enthusiasts.

The exhibition gained considerable media attention on social media and news channels. Promotional efforts effectively reached the target audience and generated interest in the event. The use of digital platforms allowed for wider outreach and engagement.

The painting exhibition proved to be a successful showcase of contemporary artworks, presenting a wide array of styles, themes, and techniques. The well-curated collection and thought-provoking theme stimulated meaningful conversations among attendees. The exhibition’s positive impact on the art community and the public demonstrated the importance of such events in promoting artistic expression and cultural appreciation. Based on the success of the painting exhibition, some recommendations were made for future events. Esteemed guests suggested encouraging interactive elements or workshops to enhance visitor engagement and exploring collaborations with other art institutions or galleries to expand the exhibition’s reach. They also emphasised developing a digital presence to facilitate online exhibitions and virtual tours. They firmly believed that by implementing these recommendations, future painting exhibitions could further contribute to the growth and enrichment of the local art scene while providing an enriching experience for the public.


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